1. sagarkrishna's Avatar
    I have recently transferred from Z10 to passport. Passport is a beast it's working awesome. In order to delete my data on Z10 I kept my device in wipeout option, now it's 7th day and it still on wipeout mode. Is there any alternative to wakeup that device.


    Posted via CB10
    11-07-15 11:54 AM
  2. ohaiguise's Avatar
    7 days lol? Haha I think you need to perform a 'battery pull' (that thing that OS 10 made a thing of the past, you know).
    11-07-15 11:56 AM
  3. sagarkrishna's Avatar
    I did try that thing too.. I pull up battery and re-inserted, still it's starting from wipeout screen.

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-15 12:01 PM

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