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    hope someone can help, seem's if I turn my network off, the wifi will come on and work, if i turn turn it back on the wifi goes off and if i try opening a webpage i just get the O2 data page (as ive run out of data for this month) i recently update the OS which I never usually do (for this very reason).

    Cheers for any input.
    09-23-15 11:50 AM
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    Just a thought but the wifi isn't automatic but you should be able to turn it on and use it in place of mobile data until your data plan resets. (provided you have wifi plan etc) your problem is almost certainly in the settings somewhere not forgetting the one in BlackBerry world that sets max data size before only allowing wifi downloads). You can remove your sim and still use wifi. You need to fiddle around with your phone a bit and it will probably turn out to be quite a simple fix.

    My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry
    09-23-15 01:01 PM

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