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    I used to take videos for my airsoft through my z10 stlr100 and when it goes to 30 seconds it will start to lag and cannot film properly and it is so annoying how can I resolve this?

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    07-21-15 02:41 AM
  2. littlebite76's Avatar
    What os version u are useing?

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    07-21-15 02:48 AM
  3. CanoyDach's Avatar

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    07-21-15 02:49 AM
  4. littlebite76's Avatar
    OK u should Think about updating your phone. To the camera is way better with that's update thin what u have. .

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    07-21-15 03:04 AM
  5. CanoyDach's Avatar
    How to update to that os?

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    07-21-15 03:30 AM
  6. littlebite76's Avatar
    There's a few ways it's pushed ota to u. By your carrier. U can download the auto loader . The autoloader is the fastest way. U use blackberry link to make a full backup of your phone. Download the autoloader to your computer with closed. And run the autoloader and follow what's on the screen it's not hard.

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    07-21-15 03:45 AM
  7. CanoyDach's Avatar
    Do you have reliable video I can watch with? Or. Procedure I can follow I'm not really good at BlackBerry Link and autoloader

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    07-21-15 03:50 AM
  8. littlebite76's Avatar
    Blackberry link video

    Auto loader video

    Auto loader
    Now this autoloader is for stl-100- 234 so make shure what model u have in setting and os at the bottom to see the hardware model u have u have stl-234 this autoloader well work for u. Now u well have to use 7zip to inzip the file ok


    Also u may won't to download this with a computer it wood be faster.

    U well need to download it with a computer it won't let u download it on your phone. I just checked

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    07-21-15 04:13 AM
  9. CanoyDach's Avatar
    OK thanks

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    07-21-15 04:35 AM
  10. littlebite76's Avatar
    No problem your welcome

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    Also keep me posted on if everything works ok with camera problem.
    07-21-15 10:36 AM
  11. CanoyDach's Avatar
    hey! i was now trying to autoload it but the link you have given me and the file is not longer there. do you have other link?
    07-21-15 07:59 PM
  12. littlebite76's Avatar
    I'll look ok give me a few

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    07-21-15 11:51 PM
  13. littlebite76's Avatar

    Try this out ok now look u well need to download this from your computer ok
    And keep me posted if everything goes good
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    07-21-15 11:55 PM

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