1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    So, I think I'm pretty SOL but here goes....

    Ever since the newest update (I guess it said it included the BB Siri thing?) update which I declined to update but did so since they kept badgering me every time I ignored it, I came back home and took my phone out of pocket and it was off....

    I have had the issue with the battery loosened issue and it rebooted every day, placed something so it stopped doing it, but the issue I have now is a solid red light, won't show any loading screen and turns off after maybe 2-3 minutes, and thought maybe I could reboot the OS and I have no BB link or USB detection on the computer....

    I have tried pressing the volume up/down button while booting, does not change anything..
    swapping batteries doesen't change anything, does not show charging when plugged into wall or pc

    SO, BB pretty much bricked my phone after this update (or it just decided to not work right now).. wondering if there is anyway to fix this but since I bought this through the reduced employee pricing I have no warranty

    P.S This is one of the worst phones I've had issues with, Im not too surprised it couldn't last more than a year....
    07-24-14 04:14 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    plug it into the wall and let it charge for a while then run an autoloader, should bring you back to life,
    07-24-14 06:03 PM

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