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    ave a z10 the latest os was installed as far as i am aware. i did a security wipe the green loading bar got all the way round it finished then from that point i tried to boot and got the bb10-0015 error message. so i searched yt and some forums for an answer. i downloaded bb link had the download the drivers for the bb to register in my laptop after that i went to link and it came up with an error message can not connect or sync to device something like that the 2 options were either re connect which did nothing or refresh or something that attempted to update. it then proceeded to dl update then install but got half way and failed. i then tried to auto load latest os STL100-2. extracting files goes to 100% so did the next one but after that it says failed to do something it closes to quickly for me to read but going off youtube videos where the install is successful its not the same. now when i insert the battery the blackberry logo appears and then fades away and stays on the ghost black screen then fully goes off. when i plug into laptop the red light comes on it connects to the laptop then when the logo appears it disconnects from the laptop and does not re connect and just repeats the process i have just mentioned. the same happens with the battery out and the usb in. any suggestion ? thanks in advamnce.

    update : as suggested in another forum post i uninstalled the drivers and link tried to re connect phone now i cant even install drivers. it fails with the error phone disconnected, im guessing due to problem mentioned before
    07-10-17 06:56 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Let's try again.

    Download the Z10STL100-2 autoloader (assuming that is the correct variant of your device - please confirm):


    Unzip. Plug in phone. Run autoloader exe file.

    The windows dos box should stay open and say "connecting to boot room". If it doesn't connect within 60 seconds, hold the Z10 power button down until it starts to reboot. The autoloader should catch it.
    07-10-17 07:03 PM
  3. seshy199's Avatar
    how do i confirm if that is the corrects version. by checking the serial code under the battery ? if so yes STL100-2
    07-10-17 09:00 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    how do i confirm if that is the corrects version. by checking the serial code under the battery ? if so yes STL100-2
    I just wanted to make sure you checked in your settings. Sounds like you did, so you should be fine.
    07-10-17 09:10 PM
  5. seshy199's Avatar
    worked like a charm its back up and running thank you very much sir much appreciated! maybe i had the wrong autoloader. thanks again
    07-10-17 09:26 PM

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