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    I'm the proud owner of a Z10 STL100-1 with one caveat: I'm getting the infamous "Camera can't be started" message whenever I'm opening the camera app. And I'm quite annoyed by it.

    I'm a techie (software engineer), and I'm pretty much aware this is probably the 1000th "Camera can't be started" thread on Crackberry and BB forums combined. Please don't try to recommend another "Please try an OS upgrade/downgrade", reboot, press buttons + reboot, pull battery, it just doesn't help.

    My conclusion is this being a hardware problem (loose contact) -- sometimes I even get the rear camera back to work, on occasional reboots, but it breaks after a while of usage (usually after around 10-15 minutes of runtime).

    Disassembled the phone already, reseated the camera module, but to no avail. Just doesn't work.

    Now my question: Has anyone replaced the camera on the STL100-1 model already and can report a success story? Or is it worthless either? The STL100-1 seems to of high renown when it comes to the camera issue (this is my impression from reading the other 999 posts about this issue).

    If you did replace the camera, where did you get the replacement part from? STL100-1 seems to have a special version of the camera module which is less available in the replacement part stores.

    I've only found: www.etradesupply.com/blackberry-z10-rear-facing-camera-back-camera.html

    03-19-15 06:10 PM

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