1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Ok , So here`s the thing .
    I just am a big bb fanboy , I am looking for a new phone
    I am able to get blackberry z10 for 220$
    And q10 for 230$
    I have used blackberry z10 for around 7 day and was happy with it except its battery life
    was not Good
    I am not into anything specific but q10 black seems appealing to me as I currently am using bold 9900
    Also suggest me colour !
    Thanks in advance!
    12-20-14 01:52 AM
  2. IamMilesValdez's Avatar
    It depends on your compatibility with screen and keypad.check some review at you tube.me, i'am using a z10 as a replacement for my BlackBerry 9220 curve.

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-14 03:12 AM
  3. JamBueree's Avatar
    It's all on personal preference. If you want a keyboard, get the Q10. If not, get the Z10.

    But for my personal preference, I'd get a white Z10, or black Q10.

    Miami Heat and GS Warriors fan.
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    12-20-14 03:14 AM
  4. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    Z10. BlackBerry will not produce another AMOLED Device.

    Posted with X10 via CB10
    12-20-14 03:20 AM
  5. Always CB Addicted's Avatar
    I used to use a z10 and loved it, except the earpiece volume was too quiet, even turned up to max volume. So I kept it as a backup phone.
    I think the Q10 would be awesome too, if you don't mind losing screen space. As far as colours, I would choose white -- looks classy, and a change from buying black phones all the time Personally I prefer physical keyboards (started off with a Q5). But now that I'm using a Z30, I can't go back to a small screen. For the longest time I wanted a Passport, but no way am I spending several hundred dollars on a phone! I paid $250 for my z30 during Black Friday week
    12-20-14 04:59 AM
  6. moosbb's Avatar
    If you go Q10, I would say go Black for its premium material.

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-14 05:06 AM
  7. KR2013's Avatar
    I have the three (Z10, Q10 and Z30), but my daily driver is the Q10. If you don't mind the small screen, it is a great choice, with a fantastic form factor.
    12-20-14 05:30 AM
  8. wyleybuster's Avatar
    Got the Q10 first to replace my 9900. Very happy with it but was still interested in the possibilty of the Z10 screen. My husband's 9900 bricked, so gave him ghe Q10 and have been using the Z10 since.
    As far as battery, I always carry a spare charged one with me. I also tuen off WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed.
    Color doesn't matter as I always keep mine in a leather wallet holder.
    12-20-14 05:31 AM
  9. ksantor's Avatar
    Was using Z10 for 1,5 years, but at the end couldn't stand it's battery problems (calibration on STL100-1 model), so I got myself a Q10. Last time I was so satisfied with a phone, is when I bought Bold 9780! Q10 is a really nice device, and the lack of the toolbelt is not so noticable on BB10. Battery life is better, screen size is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Overall, great device!

    About colors, black Q10 looks really premium.
    z10 or q10?-img_20141213_205849.jpeg

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-14 06:15 AM

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