1. carlo445's Avatar
    the vibration does not work anymore. I have already taken place in the settings and it's all correct. Do you have any suggestions? thanks, greetings from Italy

    Posted via CB10
    09-01-15 07:02 AM
  2. martinjdub's Avatar
    You can reload the software and/oryou have the latest version...i'll assume you do

    Other than that, if it still doesn't work it's likely hardware related and difficult to fix except to send it to BlackBerry or a smartphone repair shop. Considering that the Z10 is not longer supported, it would probably cost less to buy a new/used online an then unlock as needed

    Good luck!
    09-01-15 08:36 AM
  3. carlo445's Avatar
    Tanks, i'll wait for Venice...

    Posted via CB10
    martinjdub likes this.
    09-02-15 06:57 AM

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