1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I had a few questions regarding my Z10. First, if the LCD Screen Plastic or Glass? I've heard it's glass, however a few things lead me to believe mine is not...
    The screen has flex to it, I can easily press not only in the middle but more towards the edge (slightly) and you can see the LCD change color's as you would when you normally press on a given location on a LCD screen. I've also dropped my phone quiet a few times, onto concrete from 5+ ft without issue (minor dents of course).

    I'm also wondering if my screen is a knock-off, or 3rd partly replacement. I bought my Z10 new in box (apparently new) off Kijiji, and it did look new at the time. But when you look at the phone under sunlight you can see finger prints on the inside of the screen plastic/glass... like someone took no care when installing the screen. The finger prints are not noticeable unless you shine a direct light into the screen. And before you ask I have cleaned the screen many times, it's definitely finger prints on the inside.

    So could my screen be a 3rd party knock off, and are the screen's usually glass or plastic on the Z10? Thanks in advance for any replies.
    10-06-14 01:09 AM
  2. toy4mud's Avatar
    Glass, otherwise mine would have been scratched up pretty bad. As far as the fingerprints, I'm not sure. I think, but not positive, that the glass and the display are one unit. I would think it would have to have happened at lcd assembly, but I would think it would be done by a machine.
    10-06-14 08:38 AM

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