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    Well I have a couple of problems. I did a security wipe and I'm at the stage where I have to setup the phone. To be specific I'm at where it tells me to pick a language. When I try to log in, it will not let me saying it needs the email I used to activate this phone with or something. But I type in the right email and password and it won't log me in. But anyway, my main problem is that when I connect the Z10 to the computer, "Devices and drivers" does not recognize it. It connects on Blackberry Link and on device manager, it shows that a Blackberry device has been connected but thats it.
    09-27-16 05:37 PM
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    If your PC is windows 10 (build 1607) that may be the cause of the lack of device recognition in Link.
    I had the same problem after updating to 1607 on my PC but was able to fully correct problem by uninstalling BlackBerry Link and Blend and reinstalling after a reboot of PC.
    Not everyone has had the same success as I did and some continue without a functional BBLink. Not exactly sure why that is but try to uninstall both BlackBerry Link and Blend and reinstall the desktop software after a PC reboot.


    As far as the email login issue...make sure you are using the device login and email that were used when the phone was initially setup.
    You may also want to try to login to your BlackBerry id to confirm your account.


    Once confirmed go in to BBPROTECT and ensure that your phone is available in the device list. If not then it is not associated with your BBid.

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    09-27-16 06:19 PM

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