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    Blackberry Z10

    As I act an intermediary I receive contact details which clients keep on the phone

    The client contact detail V card received by Bluetooth update BOTH local and Hotmail accounts (none BTW are kept on local)

    The Business who I will contact on behalf of the client will go to update the G mail ( as you can see I won't accidently email correspondence to a wrong party)

    The problem is that even with ALL contacts on
    if I were to manually input the details local, G mail and Hotmail would all be created (and linked)

    The problem i have is that any V card received by Bluetooth only update Hotmail and local

    I accept that my Hotmail a/c is the registered account..... but I I should be able to ADD contacts to whatever a/c I choose

    So all V card are received so not a Bluetooth problem, (contacts / pull down settings
    ALL checked that already

    As you can see I have to manually add quite lengthy details to G mail , when they are received and will ONLY update Hotmail and local.

    if I were to save everything to Hotmail, that would solve the problem

    I can't figure out why G mail is being excluded
    11-04-16 11:11 AM
  2. NnaemekaNNN's Avatar
    Mine syncs with my Gmail. Try removing the Gmail account and adding it again. It should look like this under Accounts in settings if contacts really sync. Also when adding new contacts, make sure that the Gmail option is toggled on
    Z10 Bluetooth Vcard details received only update hotmail & local NOT Gmail-img_20161104_184731.png

    From my Awesome Z10
    11-04-16 01:49 PM

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