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    My z10 battery seems to drain real fast if I go into a poor cell signal area in the middle of my building. Does anyone know if the z10 ever gets "stuck" in a "over drive" state when trying to keep a good cell signal? It seems somedays my z10 will drain real fast, even if I only "pop" into one of these poor zones for maybe 1 hr at the start of the day, and then have good coverage for the rest of the day. Is there a way to configure the z10 to not try to like heck to keep 4glte when on the fringes, so as to not drain the battery? I am assuming this is what is happening. I am not 100% sure. The z10 feels warms also whenever I am in one of these zones for any length of time.

    Stl100-3 Ottawa/Gatineau Canada

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    09-28-14 11:32 AM
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    If I religiously put the z10 into airplane mode whenever I go into these zones, my drain seems to be more normal. I have only had the z10 since Feb, and I only really noticed it doing this over the last month or so. I guess maybe the battery could perhaps now also have gotten to the point whereby it is having issues (not sure ???).

    I also now (never used to) use the z10 every night as my main alarm, in bedside mode plugged in and re charging every night, regardless of how low it might be when I go to bed. I assume that is not an issue, but don't know either based on best practices. I am not a "heavy" user. When I first got the z10 I could get through a day and a half before having to re charge. Now I can barely get through a day. Having to re charge every night is no big deal for me and would work just fine (it would allow me to always get through a day). However, with the fast drain issues I can often not even get through a day.

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    09-28-14 12:24 PM
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    Well I have been doing a bit of experimentation and it seems in my building I must be on the extreme fringe of the coverage area for 4GLTE in my area. With the network set as HPSA+/UMTS/GSM for a few days now, vice any of the options that include LTE, my battery life is great. I assume the issue is where I am in the 4GLTE coverage map, as opposed to actually an issue with the phone for 4G. If anyone else has any opinions let me know. Thanks

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    10-09-14 08:59 PM

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