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    How to download YouTube videos within the browser ?

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    01-05-15 06:39 AM
  2. JamBueree's Avatar
    Here's what I do.

    1. Get the link.
    You tube-img_20150105_204207.png


    2. Replace "http://m." with "pwn".
    You tube-img_20150105_204233.png


    3. You'll be taken to a page like this.
    You tube-img_20150105_204243.png


    4. On that page, you can try and of the links inside the red box, and see which one works best for you.
    You tube-picsart_1420461906276.jpg

    Miami Heat and GS Warriors fan.
    01-05-15 06:47 AM
  3. girinath's Avatar
    There was another one - when opening a YouTube page and tapping the three dots it shows download option.... how to do that?

    I mean side loading?
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    01-05-15 07:06 AM

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