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    Hi everyone,

    Is anyone running the Yi Home Android app on their BB10 phone and successfully able to access the camera while on Mobile? I have been running it for a while and within the last month or two, I have not been able to access it over Mobile. I can only access it when I'm on the same WiFi network, which somewhat defeats the purpose. I would like to access it when I'm at the office and it just tries to connect to the camera and just fails.

    I have tried resetting the Yi camera and the modem. I have tried deleting the app and reloading it. I've tried different versions of the Yi Home app, but haven't had success.

    Wondering if they are blocking BB10 phones from using the app, or whether there is something else I'm doing wrong.

    Let me know if anyone has been successful accessing it. If there are other troubleshooting steps I should take, please let me know.

    12-05-16 02:32 PM

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