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    I was having some phone issues and temporarily switched my phone to an old Blackberry 9330. After a day or so, my Blackberry 9350 was working again and when I activated it and went to sync it with my Device Manager software, it would not sync. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the BB Version 7.1 Bundle and I've been working with Blackberry technical support for a few days now. We've turned off the Firewall, turned off virus protection and nothing seems to work. The Blackberry does not seem to be recognized consistently by the Desktop Manager software. It has syched a few times since but as of the last week, we've been unable to get it to sync at all. I'm wondering if an earlier version of the Desktop Software such as 5.0 would be helpful (as I used that in the past). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Desktop Software so many times with Blackberry technical support that I'm unsure just what version I was running before all the gliches began. Does anyone have any ideas or access to Blackberry Device Manager 5.0? Older links to that software have been deleted on the Blackberry site as well as on this site. Many thanks.
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    12-15-14 08:16 AM
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    Make sure you are using a data cable, not a charging cable. And try another usb port on the pc....
    By the way, what OS are you using on the pc? Win XP? Win 7? Win 8?
    There are some issues with 8....
    12-15-14 08:52 AM
  3. Mint1022's Avatar
    I am running Windows XP. Also, the cable I'm using is a USB cable that came with my BB. I've always used the same cable for syncing. How can I tell if it's the cable? Could the USB requirement change?
    12-15-14 12:45 PM

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