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    I bought Blackberry Passport SQW100-4 Silver Regional UK QWERTY half a year ago. The SW release version was
    Whenever I tried to check out updates it would always say that no updates were available. However, I knew this was wrong.
    I didn't have some sort of morbid wish to update at any price, I simply prefer to re-install SW and reset any phone when I buy it because I can never be sure that the seller hasn't modified the OS, etc. So, it was a grounded wish to install an official SW release from scratch and reset the phone. OTA didn't work.

    So, I tried using Sachesi. My first attempt to update seemed successful, however, I made a mistake. After the phone had booted I ran the reset task from menu and for some reason didn't wait for it to start - I powered the phone off. Then I turned it on, but it refused booting - it was some sort of like a filesystem error. So, I needed to recover it. I used my Windows computer and the most recent official autoloader. All in all, I managed to bring it back to life. However, the OS became unusable because of PIN watermarks and the small set of apps available. At that point I decided to use Sachesi one more time to install the most recent SW on top of that developer version. It worked OK, I paid attention to avoid any mistakes.

    So, now my SW release version is
    The problem for me is Wi-Fi connectivity issues. I'll explain.
    At some point I decided that I wished to use 802.11ac at home.
    I prepared an excellent high-end AP on my desktop computer with BCM4366c network adaptor + hostapd. My laptop is happy with that connection, so I'm 100% sure the AP setup is correct.
    However, after I had connected my phone to the network, I noticed substantial instability.

    The first glitch was that the phone wouldn't re-connect to the network whenever I returned home from my work (we had a 2.4GHz network there) - it wouldn't even show my 5GHz network among the scan results. At some point I managed to get a workaround for that by simply disabling any LTE/3G/GSM connectivity. I'm pretty happy with using Wi-Fi and not using any mobile network services. However, this didn't abolish the issue completely. It just would allow to keep the wheels turning for a bit longer. Now it stops re-connecting within a week - anyhow, I still have to reboot it from time to time.

    The second and the most irritating glitch is Wi-Fi connection instability. I experience constant disruptions whenever I browse multimedia websites such as YouTube. The phone simply disconnects from the network and reconnects a couple of seconds after. This could repeat even multiple times per a minute of active browsing. Also, I noticed that the phone would warm up a lot at such moments. I can admit that I'm not sure that it would work OK on 10.3.2 if I had configured my AP before the SW upgrade. However, many people complain about similar issues with respect to 10.3.3 SW upgrade, and I suspect that my case is not a unique one.


    1) Why wouldn't Blackberry change the unfair method of SW updates delivery? Why wouldn't they stop delaying OTA updates availability for certain countries/carriers/etc? This is an important question, since it's obvious that most of the users want to get any updates as fast as possible and, if they can't achieve it by OTA, they simply try a manual update and thus may experience many issues (because of update tools misusage, etc).

    2) In theory, my connectivity issues can be resolved if I downgrade the SW release. However, as I can learn from the forums, this might be impossible as soon as 10.3.3 is installed. So, my question is as follows: why would Blackberry take such a morbid decision to prohibit SW downgrade? Don't they understand that it should be an essential possibility for the phone owner to roll back in case when the newer SW has whatever glitch? If the decision has some security-related grounds, why wouldn't they find a better solution for that rather than simply banning downgrade?

    3) If I really can't downgrade my phone to 10.3.2, then what kind of solution can help me to get rid of connectivity glitches? I know that Sachesi allows installing updates on a per-component basis. So, I wonder, shall I try installing, for example, the 'radio' component from 10.3.2? Is this allowed? Has somebody tried it?
    Is it worth doing?
    08-30-17 06:11 PM
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    The radio files haven't really changed in ages.
    08-30-17 09:30 PM

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