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    I have a old Bold that has served well but is now showing its age. I did upgrade it to a Q10 when they first came out but the new OS on that had too many issues so I sent it back and got my faithful old Bold out of the draw again.

    My main issue was the Word Substitution. A lot of the emails I deal with from my BB are from potential customers asking for quotes for various products I hire out so my reply emails are all pretty much standard so I can save hours of typing by using word substitution to produce a whole email reply. For example if someone enquired about hiring a photo booth I had it set that a quick type of 'pbq' would produce a complete email. 'sfb' would produce an email saying sorry we're fully booked - I have about about thirty of these whole email shortcuts on my Bold. However, when I set this up on the Q10 it initially appeared to work but then when you'd entered so many of the these shortcuts the whole word substitution would stop working.

    Another issue I remember was the reminder function stopped being timed to the hour/min but just the day.

    Have either of these issues now been fixed and if so on all BB phones or just certain models? I've had BB's for the last 11 years purely for the word substitution function so its the most important factor for me.
    09-24-14 12:14 PM
  2. AnotherBillJ's Avatar
    That's not normal. You can add unlimited word substitutions to your phone (dependant on available memory, of course). As for the Remember app, I suspect it started acting up suddenly, as well.
    It appears you no longer have the phone but I would have suggested a phone reboot to correct the issues. Even moving up to an OS reload might have been tried before sending the phone back.

    If you're ever in a position to get a Q10 again, I would recommend rebooting and reloading if things suddenly change. There's almost always a solution short of returning a phone.

    09-24-14 12:22 PM
  3. lichrich's Avatar
    I did all the usual rebooting, battery pull, etc and it had no effect. You could enter a limited amount of substitutions then without warning the whole thing would stop working. I remember a few people commenting on it at the time.

    Does the function now work properly without limits?
    09-24-14 02:20 PM

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