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    I know the Key2 doesn't support it natively, but I found out you can stick on a wireless charging receiver and plug it into the USB C port. I'm hoping to get my hands on a Key2 in a few weeks.

    1. Any idea what's the best charger receiver? I looked on Amazon, but it looks like even the best one isn't too great and has a few issues, like it stops charging at 100% and then the battery drains. This is more of a case of me having to read carefully and do my research, probably, because I'd like for it to be like my Priv, where it keeps charging, so the phone stays topped off as it charges overnight.

    2. If I were to take the phone and the charging receiver to a phone repair shop or something like that, is it possible to dismantle the phone, remove the back, and stick the receiver onto the inside of the back cover? The logic behind it is that I don't have to worry about it falling off, and I can just unplug the receiver if I wanna plug it in, and it might make putting a case on easier. Then again, if the receiver breaks, that won't be an easy fix, so I might just stick it to the back cover as intended. If I do that, any idea if the receiver will stay on due to the textured back?

    But if nothing works, I can just give the wireless charger to my niece, since she has a Samsung Galaxy S8, and at least it won't be collecting dust.
    02-15-19 09:29 AM

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