1. Siddhesh007's Avatar
    Will Z10 get future updates?
    Like 10.3.2 or something

    Posted via CB10
    07-10-15 09:47 PM
  2. Uzi's Avatar

    Z30STA100-2/ | CB Mod
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    07-10-15 09:49 PM
  3. vergiove's Avatar
    You can OTA update / autoloader 10.3.2.xxx. OTA update depend on your carrier

    Posted via CB10
    07-11-15 12:24 AM
  4. Matty's Avatar
    Let's put it this way to make it easier to understand, When the Leap stops receiving updates. That's when the Z10 will stop to

    Both are set to receive 10.3.2 in the next 2 weeks or so. Past that, no one knows.

    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 on
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    07-11-15 12:33 AM

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