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    My Verizon Priv has not received a security patch since June and the Marshmallow update is still nowhere to be found. I am getting fed up with Verizon and am trying to figure out a solution. If I call Verizon and ask them to unlock it, would that allow me to bypass Verizon's update schedule? I know folks using AT&T-branded unlocked Priv devices are still on AT&T's update schedule, so I doubt it would help, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried this. BlackBerry has said they would address the problem with AT&T-branded unlocked devices so I'm hoping addressing that issue would also address the same problem on Verizon.
    10-13-16 05:30 PM
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    Verizon LTE devices are unlocked. You can take the device to any carrier you want, but you may not get LTE on other carriers. Someone in the forums will be able to say for certain though what bands the Verizon Priv offers.

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    10-13-16 05:45 PM

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