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    i did bought my blackberry passport on 31st oct 2016 and after 7 months of use one fine day my phone wouldnt turn on and i had been searching for the blackberry service centre for 2 months and later after a long search i did find a blackberry service centre which is at a distnace of 12 hours away from where i live and later on they too 45 to 60 days to return my phone which i did receive in dec 2017 and again after receiving the phone touch started working for itself so i contacted them immediately for which they checked and said they are unable to find any problem with the phone please use for for few more days and after days the phone would turn on but the touch stopped working so returned to them, i did give my phone and this time they were to categorize my phone as off warranty device for which i said how can it be categorize into an off warranty device as the problem was from your side and (previously they said that there is a problem with my motherboard and they did manage to cover it under warranty but still the problem persisted) after a long talk for 14 days they did fix they phone cannot be repaired on warranty for which i agreed and they said we will let you know the price, we did confirm with the stock for the product but we arent sure of the price and this did go days later on on the 5 th day he did call and said sir are we not providing service for your phone please take your phone back.
    i didnt understand i had asked them to repair my phone even for the price but still they are unable to solve my problem
    03-11-18 05:27 AM
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    Not REALLY sure what you're asking here but you shouldn't expect any new support for BB10 devices in India to be available. If anything, they're more like to stop whatever support is there and existing.
    03-12-18 01:37 AM

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