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    We live in a signal blackspot but my husband has been able to get a good signal indoors with a Blackberry workphone which has UMA and is on an Orange business contract. He now has to give this phone back due to redundancy. If I get hold of an old similar Blackberry locked to Orange (now EE), I am wondering if a new EE sim contract will allow us to use the UMA capability of the phone to signal boost through wifi.
    Yes, I have asked in phone shops and webchat to EE and searched endlessly on the web, with no definite answer other than 'you can try'. But to try will obviously mean at least a 12 month contract that we're committed to, and if it doesn't work then we are stuck with no signal at all.
    Would be great to know if anyone has tried this.
    03-15-15 09:41 AM
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    Good question. There are two unknowns here: Did EE grandfather in Orange's UMA? And UMA aside, do EE SIM cards work in Orange phones without the need for unlocking (I would guess yes, but I can't say for sure. Regardless, this is not the bigger issue as the phone could be unlocked.) The first question can be answered if you get to the right, knowledgeable engineer/tech in EE (usually not the front line customer service,) and I would think the second one should be answerable by any EE/Orange customer service representative, but I would verify with a physical test.

    Unfortunately, trying it out for oneself just may be the best way to get a definite, error-free answer. Does EE have corporate owned stores? If so and assuming there's a WiFi access point nearby/at the store, maybe your husband could stop by one and test out an EE SIM card in his current phone--forcing UMA on by turning the mobile network off. This will at least confirm whether UMA is still an option through EE (SIM card.) And if he could test the phone he's going to be using as a replacement, even better.
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