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    Cricket does not sell or support blackberrys, how does this work?
    I bought a Blackberry Q-10 off Craigslist and been using it as popped my sim in, love it! I am on OS and every-time I check, it says I am on the latest OS. Could this be true for now and will I eventually be able to get an update, if not via the phone via the blackberry link checking for the update as that says I am on the latest as well?
    PS: How come they say there are NO versions of 10.3xx for the Q-10 as of yet on the Blackberry website but there are autoloaders here for the q-10 for 10.3xx? Are these Beta's, if so what is the latest release for Q-10 that is considered an official stable release? Link? I have an A T & T branded phone on the Cricket GSM network if that matters. Thanks.
    04-13-15 04:08 PM
  2. Zeridialous's Avatar
    Your device will first search for updates based on the SIM card inserted in the phone, so if the carrier does not sell or support BlackBerry devices then it is unlikely you will see an update available. You can remove the SIM card and check for updates over Wi-Fi, which will check for updates based on the devices point of origin (so with it being an AT&T Q10 it will check for the latest update available from AT&T).

    BlackBerry Link works in a similar fashion, so in most cases it will report no update available with the SIM card inserted and then the latest available update from AT&T if you remove your SIM card.

    If you want to bypass all of this and update to 10.3.1 on your device, you can do so either using a tool such as Sachesi (non-destructive) by using the Country/Carrier codes of 302/220 respectively which is for TELUS in Canada who are currently pushing out software release, or by using one of the autoloaders available here on CrackBerry.
    04-13-15 06:31 PM

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