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    I contacted customer service yesterday about this and the man said it would work i'd just have to purchase the kit. The back of the kit says that branded phones are not eligible for this program; including but not limited to BLACKBERRY, tracfone.. etc. So i'm getting two different answers. I'm stressing but I guess one way or another i'll find out tomorrow it would just suck spending 60.00 on a kit because one person said it would work and after a closer inspection the box reading like it won't. Can anyone help?
    12-31-16 02:36 AM
  2. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    The Straight Talk 4G compatibility seems simple to ascertain - do you already use your phone on one of the big 4 networks? If so, you just go through their website and it assures you that your phone will work with Straight Talk.

    How do I know this?
    I was prepping for a 7 week trip to the US (mainly Nevada/Utah/California) and wanted to see what options there were for me to buy a sim card to use for a couple of months (I'm based in the UK but have an Unlocked Passport). Straight Talk seemed to be the best option for me, with excellent coverage at all of the places I was likely to visit (eg offices / hotels / convention centres).
    If I remember correctly, on the Straight Talk website - there is an option you click on for: "Unlocked GSM phones" (or something very similar).

    Hope this helps. If your Passport is unlocked then no probs, if it is locked to one of the US 'big four' then I believe they help you unlock your Passport (I didn't really take notice of this 2nd option as it is not applicable to me).
    12-31-16 03:06 AM

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