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    So I have a router TP Link
    It's working perfectly. I can connect to the wifi with different devices. (pcs/tablets/phones, etc). But when I try to connect with my passport, first it appears as connected, I see the BlackBerry logo on top of the phone. Everything until now is working perfectly.
    Now, I try to use the phone, then after some seconds (sometimes couple of minutes), the Internet stop working, and somehow it affects the router itself. So all the other devices loose the connection too, and the Internet becomes limited. So I have to restart the router.

    Every time I got the same issue. I tried so many tricks, but still I got the same issue over and over!

    Is there any solution guys? I would be very thankful.

    Thank you all for the support.

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    04-17-15 08:57 PM
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    Tplink is a very cheap product. You get what you pay for. Sometimes, routers have limits on how many devices can connect to it at once as well. Do yourself a favour a purchase a better brand name router. Preferrably wireless N. Depending on your budget, I would look at DLink, Linksys etc. I never had issues with these and I mix and match and have 3 different wireless routers running in my home. I added tplink once and it upset my system. As soon as I disconnected it, everything was fine

    Blackberry Passport running
    04-17-15 09:42 PM
  3. montaccep's Avatar
    Thank you for the info!
    I will try D-Link then)
    I will update as soon as possible.

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    04-18-15 09:26 AM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    Thank you for the info!
    I will try D-Link then)
    I will update as soon as possible.

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    No idea who your carrier is, but if you happen to be on T-Mo USA they currently will give you an Asus 5ghz router for a $25 deposit. In fact because we have two lines, they sent me two of the things AND waived the deposits.
    04-18-15 12:52 PM

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