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    Upon viewing my data usage, I noticed something peculiar. At times when I was at home and (I assumed) my passport should have been connected to my home wifi there was some heavy data usages. As high as 500 mb. I also noticed that the data usage would occur over three or four days at the exact same time! Would there be apps, that update in such a way that the bump my handset off the wifi?

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    02-24-16 08:16 PM
  2. SeanSolo's Avatar
    Turn on airplane mode then wifi and use wifi calling?

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    02-24-16 08:52 PM
  3. muellerto's Avatar
    Does this happen on both wifi and cellular connections?

    Do you have automatic updates on?

    Do you have Android apps running in background? (Doing a reboot is always a good idea to get rid of zombie processes in background.)

    If you see this traffic happen on wifi and you have the possibility to switch on logging on your router you could do this for a day. Then you see every single request your BB does over wifi, especially you can name the servers and get a clue what's going on. - Normally a BB device should do an automatic request to a BB server every five minutes. This is done to check the presence of the connection and takes only some few kB. The Hub should send a keep alive message to IMAP servers every 15 minutes. (OK, your social apps do also cyclic refreshes, perhaps you can switch them off.) But there shouldn't happen much more.
    02-24-16 11:57 PM
  4. barube65's Avatar
    Thanks. Will give it a try!
    02-25-16 09:19 AM
  5. barube65's Avatar
    Thanks. Will do some checking.
    02-25-16 09:19 AM

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