1. No Quarter's Avatar
    Just bought a backup camera that works via the app iRearCam. It sends out a wifi signal Sonix something. I can find that signal on my Keyone, I do get a warning No internet connection, but that's OK I assume. The app seems to work, except I get no picture.

    I tried exactly the same on the wife's Galaxy, there I get picture. I can't see what's different, is there some wifi setting on my Keyone that hinders this?

    11-10-20 07:11 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Yes the warning about no internet is normal... as your connecting to a local wifi connect that doesn't have access.

    I'd be look for help from the iRearCam people. But I only see one iRearCam in Google Play, and it has a two star rating. And most complaints are the same as yours, so that isn't very encouraging. I'd send them an email to their developer contact.
    11-10-20 11:47 AM

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