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    WiFi on Z10STL100-3/ (official via OTA) lately is not recognizing saved networks or any network at all. There were no changes to my Z recently, it just started not working. I tried:

    #1 reboot (I daily battery swap anyway) will recognize saved network for a short time then disconnect

    #2 turning WiFi on/off

    #3 deleting saved networks and re-adding, connected and added but loses connection

    #4 at home unplugged router and reconnected, nothing that sticks

    The last resort is to reload the Z which is something I've been avoiding, so if anyone can post some advice; thanks!

    WiFi Acting Up Recently-img_20150826_131347.png

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    08-26-15 03:23 PM
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    turns out it was the "Connect to OneDrive" app hanging up the connection, it resolved itself after some time
    08-31-15 06:11 PM