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    I bought my Passport on eBay brand new, sealed etc in October (prior to the official UK release date) and it is hands down the best phone I've ever had.

    However, a few days ago after sending a text, I put it in my pocket and when I took it out again it would not boot. I tried resetting, hard/soft and it felt very hot near the volume keys. I've tried charging, booting, leaving it for 24hrs and then trying everything again. Nothing. Link won't recognise a connected device.

    Pressing any keys in any combination for any period of time does nothing. When I connect the charger, the red light appears and stays on continuously.

    Any ideas on what I could try? Also, I've been trying to somehow get in touch with any BB repair under warranty service in the UK. This is hopeless. I know I purchased it from eBay, but the device was first turned on and registered to MY BB account, therefore I am the first/original owner, but where can I take it to get repaired?

    Thank you!
    03-10-15 08:50 PM
  2. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    Try running a auto loader , and if it does not notice it hold the power button down.

    you can find the loaders here.

    03-10-15 08:53 PM

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