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    My new Passport arrived a few hours ago from Amazon. Switched it on (sans SIM as need to get z10 SIM resized tomorrow) and played around via wifi for a very happy hour. Installed Instagram and Skype.. Took some photos.. made a Skype call.. Put it in my handbag.. And half an hour later it switched off and went into a reboot loop.

    I managed to get it back to the home screen by doing a 3 button reset, and checked for updates - and tried to update the OS assuming that might help. At 7% install. It died again (whist plugged into power).

    3, 2, 1 flashes.. Then 3, 2, 3, 2 flashes...
    I've tried to 3 button reset about ten times. I've left it on charge for an hour and then tried again.
    Plugged into BB Link and tried to reload. Gets stuck at 'waiting for device to connect ' bit.
    At one stage, then the BB logo came up and the loading circle was starting, i noticed the image seemed to be crackly - like some of the pixels were off or not there. Hard to explain. Fuzzy somehow.

    I left it off for about fifteen minutes - it wasn't flashing. Started to boot.. the loop started to form. About a quarter of the way around.. paused and rebooted. Then relauches at the first blackberry logo..

    ARGH. I've had BB's since rollerball days and never had an issue
    11-12-14 07:53 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Leave it off and charging for about 3 hrs, let it get enough juice to fully finish booting.
    11-12-14 09:31 AM

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