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    Hi, I've been looking on the forum for similar cases. I'd purchased a Z10 some months ago, it turn on and worked fine. After leaving it for couple of months (I've never activated sim and used for calls, just turn on and check features and use internet through wifi..), now the power button wont turn phone on. When I plug in the red led comes on for 15- 20 sec. then blackberry logo appears in white with blackberry written and turns off after a couple seconds then the red led comes on again for 15-20 sec. followed by same thing and this loops over and over.

    I removed z10 battery and checked with voltmeter 0 volts DC across all terminal pair configurations on the battery.

    Then I plugged the charger with battery out and checked voltages (-ve sign 1st prong, 2nd prong, 3rd pr, 4th pr then +ve sign is the setup left to right when looking at phone w/back cover out.)
    Getting these readings: (p = prong)
    p1 - p2 : 1.92V DC
    p1 - p3: 0V
    p1 - p4: between .2 to .4 V climbing and receding
    p2- p3: -ve 1.92V
    p2-p4: -ve1.7V
    p3-p4: .2V
    *this is while having the negative meter probe always on left side and +ve on right

    IF Anyone has checked on their phone or can do so I'd be curious to know is the

    result is similar. I'm trying to determine if the problem is with the charging circuit, the battery or if there's another issue w the phone.

    Much thanks
    11-08-14 05:12 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    If recommend trying to reload the OS if you haven't tried that yet.
    11-08-14 09:39 PM

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