1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    when ever I try to watch something on tsn go ,it shuts down and goes back to the app screen
    10-25-14 10:17 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Native or android app?
    10-25-14 10:22 PM
  3. dfield's Avatar
    I have the same issue... it is an android app. Hopefully it works when 10.3.1 is out. If anybody could try and let me know that would be great.
    10-27-14 12:09 PM
  4. molson0's Avatar
    It does

    Attachment 309830
    Attached Thumbnails Why is TSN Go shutting down when I try to watch something on it?-img_20141027_150814.png  
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    10-27-14 02:09 PM
  5. vhl71's Avatar
    I'm on and it doesn't work. Are you on 10.3.1?

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    10-27-14 03:41 PM
  6. molson0's Avatar

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    10-27-14 04:44 PM
  7. vhl71's Avatar

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    What phone do u have?

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    10-27-14 06:09 PM
  8. molson0's Avatar

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    10-27-14 06:14 PM
  9. MLN21's Avatar
    Can someone post the apk?/im having problems with it on 10.3.1


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    02-20-15 12:48 AM

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