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    While on my Z30 last night, the app I was in closed down along with 2 other apps that I had open. The screen of my Z30 then showed my home screen and while I could flip through my other screens, I could not launch any app - they icon's kind of joggled but ultimately did not open. So I decided to restart my phone. The screen then went black and then the LED light started flashing red - it goes red for a second, then pauses, the blinks red three times, then paused, then goes red - after a couple of seconds, the sequence repeats.

    After reading this forum, I launched BB Link, connected my phone and tried to update my phone's software. The problem is, howeve, that the "initializing software update" went on for an hour with no noticable progress.

    This morning I tried to hold the power button down for 10+ seconds and hold the power button and volume up and down controls for 10+ seconds - all this did was change the flashing red to a solid red while I held the buttons down. After letting go, it went back to flashing.

    So now I'm back to trying to reload the software to the original factory settings - I started this 2 hours ago (I am using BB Link v. and still there is no noticable sign of any progress.

    Any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.
    12-02-14 12:04 PM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    12-02-14 12:53 PM

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