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    I am an avid BB advocate. You can call me a BB junkie. I own a Q10. I have ignored talk about what I am missing. I have tried to convince friends BB is the best platform there is (and I believe that). My friend and family make fun of me for beings so loyal.
    My provider is T-mobile. They no longer update my Q10. Thanks to CB, I have managed to update my phone through programs like "Sachesi", "Lucky patcher" and "Snap". I have no IT background and often have to tinker for hours to get these programs working fine. I got a pseudo google ID and live in the "shadows of android".
    Despite that, I only manage to get some android apps to run like native apps. Some apps just would not run correctly even with patching. It feels like being an orphan in the streets with no one to watch your back but yourself. It was fun but tough sledding.
    Now how about BB and its chairman John Chen (I even know the guys name!). They have jumped ship! They came out with a bunch of good phones (passport, classic) but rather than work to get the BB10 back into relevance, they now have switched to android in the name of Priv.
    Wait and think about this for a moment..........BB now has switched to android. But they still expect you to be loyal? A company that has lost its identity and sold its soul.
    ....that is when I stopped drinking the cool aid.
    I recently went to the phone shop. I test drove the Galaxy S7. And my oh my. That is a phone. I am sure you are wondering, why not get the Priv. Well I thought....., if i am going to get an android phone, I want the best. Priv is definitely nowhere near the S7. I plan to keep the S7 and will encourage anyone who is still like me 2 weeks ago to just try the S7 or any android phone for that matter.
    I hope to some day have reason to look at BB again but for now, Adios Amigo.
    04-30-16 10:50 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    To each their own, glad you found what works for you. Peace.
    04-30-16 04:18 PM

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