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    I wouldn't be too sure about the keyboard, it won't be the same but I bet you it will not be worse, I'm coming from a long line of the tiniest BB physical keyboards and I've found that your fingers get used to them with continuous use. The PassPort was too big and awkward when I first got it, but now it couldn't be better. I picked up an old Bold 9790 the other day and I wondered how on earth I could have typed on it, but I did quite enjoyably too.

    I've never been a fan of sliders, the balance was always a bit odd for me, the priv even more so because of the length. I would say go Android, but if you're like me who loves to actually feel keys rather than rub on glass, a touch screen phone will always be secondary, so I'd say wait it out for the K1, looks to be just the perfect blend!
    I tried the Priv and i really don#t like the keyboard... I have a Q10 as well and I find the keyboard way better... So yes i do believe that the Keyone would really good fit to my needs but hey: 599€ in Germany... that hurts...
    04-19-17 03:53 AM
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    Actually the argument is not just for WhatsApp its with the existence of two dominating stores (iTunes and GooglePlay), but WhatsApp illustrates the general problem. And the same could be said for the top dozen or so apps, that drive the sales of smartphones, as 'must-have' apps in various markets....and Google 'Android' as the must-have platform. The conjecture is that iTunes and Google Play act as an effective duopoly for apps and therefore lock-out competitive platforms from the apps development marketplace, and effectively create a scenario of declining share of ..BB10 and others.... imagine if you will, that you could only buy goods from Walmart or Target only, and that there were no other "retailers" for goods to be purchased from.....or only Hyundaii and Nissan in the car market etc....
    The car market argument is an interesting one.
    In a sense, this has already happened. GM used to have Pontiac and Oldsmobile lines. With the competitive forces and what-not, these lines have been DROPPED. You can no longer purchase either vehicle.
    Even before that happened (circa 1999), there had already been a consolidation. If you go back to the 1970s, each of the GM vehicle lines had their own unique engines: a Chevy 350, Pontiac 350 and Oldsmobile 350 were all DIFFERENT, UNIQUE engines.
    As the smog requirements piled on in the late 1970s and the competitive pressures from the Japanese car makers piled on, GM dropped down to ONE engine line - if you bought a Pontiac with a 350 engine, you got a CHEVY engine.

    So, yes, there are two dominant stores - although, my understanding is that there are other stores available for Android, but they are of questionable safety.

    It may be that at some point the government (US gov't) may step in - they did with IBM in (I think) the late 1960s and they did with AT&T (I think) in the 1980s. So, people do watch this.

    Unfortunately, at this point, we have just the two major branches - and when you look at the amount of money that Microsoft has thrown at the Windows phone market, without success - I think that for the foreseeable future we're only going to have two major branches of phone software.

    Just like, if you go and buy a Buick the engine under the hood is a Chevy engine. We've still managed to survive as a species.
    04-19-17 08:23 AM
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    I love all this discussion, but see post #2 lol.
    04-19-17 12:59 PM
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    Every PC program is written for either Windows or OS X and often just one or the other. Are they going to go after that duopoly first or just Android iOS?
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    04-19-17 02:03 PM
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