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    OK so to start on a positive - I have been the biggest advocate of Blackberry over the last 3 years and have found it a really easy phone to just pick up and use without having to spend much time with user manuals. I started on a Torch and am now using the BB Z10. I found the switch nice and easy & have loved both phones. Up until now, bar the odd little niggle, I have loved using Blackberry.

    I had a notification to update to OS (no matter how often I read my notification, it would keep changing to unread and start flashing again) which was a nuisance, but I needed to sort through my notifications first and delete FB as the last update I did, restored ALL my FB notifictions since I'd had the phone, so definitely needed to avoid that scenario.

    I could see there had been some changes - layout different, easier to delete messages etc which is great, HOWEVER, I am really disappointed with how it's messed my phone up which I have never had before. There is now a new line in BBM that wasn't there before which covers the message that I am typing, so I can't actually see what I am typing. Every time I unlock my phone, my screen enlarges so I can't really see much on the hub, my ringtone is much softer than it was previously and neither BBM no longer has a ringtone. Whatsapp, (the current winner of sending messages) actually has a tone has a tone but it's really soft, so not only can I not see what I am typing, but I can't hear when I get a message either, even if it's a person who has a specific ringtone for BBM

    My notifications keep freezing (can be when I am on looking at email notifications, Facebook etc) and some of my keys keep freezing when I am trying to type (p is the worst) and is generally making using my BB highly irritating. In fact there are times that I am so irritated that I want to throw my phone on the floor and jump on it. There is nothing wrong with the phone as it worked perfectly prior to the update, so this must be bugs in the new OS which is not good at all as these problems should have been ironed out prior to release.

    Does anyone know me how to fix this or can tell me when the next update is out to fix the bugs? It's all good and well adding all these great features, but if they mess up the basics, none of that is important.

    Thanks Shan
    03-02-15 06:05 PM
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    Some of the things you mention are known issues:

    That being said, i think you would benefit with having the OS reloaded on your phone manually.
    The files are here for 2267
    The directions for this are in my signature.
    03-02-15 08:12 PM

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