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    Firstly, the Z10 model that I own is the STL100-1. I bought it last April here in the Philippines, so it has been with me as my main phone for only 5 months now. I've enjoyed the device so far, but unfortunately...

    A few days ago, I went on a vacation to Bangkok. I planned to communicate only through Facebook and Yahoo mail via Wi-Fi (btw, these are the only 2 accounts I have set up and synced to my phone). I spent 4 whole days there, and during the first 2 days everything went fine. During the 3rd day however, I began to notice how my battery drained faster than usual, considering I had my mobile network setting off and that I didn't use it heavier than usual as well. I didn't think badly about it then and just charged my phone that night. During the next day was when the device started to act up. The first obvious issue I experienced was that the camera wouldn't start (it displayed the message, "the camera can't be started"), and eventually I felt how hot the phone got, especially the back part. Then the battery drained quite fast. I didn't let it reach zero percent, and I turned it off and removed the battery to rest it for a bit. I continued with my last day of vacation, and only turned the phone on when I landed back home. Suddenly, the camera was able to open again, and it wasn't heating up anymore. So I put it back in my pocket. After about an hour or so, I felt it vibrate and I pulled it out and saw that the phone just restarted on its own. Then it went back to heating up with the camera not working again. 2 whole days have passed since then, and I still face the same issues.

    PS: the day before I left for vacation, I accidentally turned on the BB Link option that lets me connect wirelessly with my laptop. I have since turned that option off.

    Here are the things I've done to try and remedy the problem:
    - restarted the phone many times
    - pulled out the battery many times as well to hard-reset the device (this actually completely drains my battery when I put the battery back, so I have to plug it in the charger and wait for the phone about 5 minutes to get some charge before it powers back on. This also results in a different time and date being loaded)
    - removed the synchronization of both Facebook and Yahoo mail accounts to my device
    - always made sure that certain options are OFF (BB Link, location/gps, auto-send diagnostic data to BB, auto-update OS, etc.)
    - turned mobile network and Wi-Fi OFF
    - finally did a security wipe this afternoon to no avail

    As I type this, my phone is connected to my laptop charging slowly and still hotter than usual. Camera still doesn't open. Airplane mode is on, and I've deleted most, if not all, factory-installed apps like Facebook, Linked In, Weather, Evernote, etc. As a sort of last ditch effort, I'm about to install the official using the autoloader, which I hope will finally solve the problem.

    Any advice or insight on the matter is greatly appreciated. I would very much like to save my device... Thanks!
    10-03-14 10:37 AM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    I think you have done very well in the sleuthing dept. So, may I infere that you have been running a leak version of the OS?
    I think that you are still going in the right direction by going back to an official OS, and then slowly creep up to where you were, except for the leaked OS.

    10-03-14 10:54 AM
  3. kcdberry's Avatar
    I haven't installed any leaked OS in the past. Even now, the OS I downloaded was from support forums of the bb website. I have actually installed it already, but I'm still facing the same problems. Don't know what to do anymore at this point.
    10-03-14 11:22 AM

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