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    My friend has had 3 BB's... in 4 years. They have all had problems with freezing up which means that the battery has to be removed and re-started! The 9920 Bold was purchased in Oct 2012, then the Z10 was purchased in Oct of 2013. Both have been used in the Dominican Republic under contract with Orange. The Z10 still freezes, and my friend now wants to ditch BB and purchase a I-Phone 6.

    Is there a cure for this freezing problem? Is the problem that the Z10 only has 16mb of memory? What can you advise? Also, many of her friends report the same problem with BB (all models) yet no one has this problem with an I-Phone.

    Comments please?
    10-01-14 12:00 PM
  2. Jimberry Storm's Avatar
    Without seeing the phone I would try this first. Make sure your running the latest offical OS, if your on a leak this may be the problem (could be bad install or leak). Setings/
    Software Updates and check for Updates. Second down load the BB virtual assistant once open you may look to see what app is using the most ram. If your using android apps go to Setting/ security and Privacy/ Application Permissions. Go through all your app and make sure they do not have permission to anything you don't want them to have. BlackBerry Virtual Expert - BlackBerry World I hope this helps.
    10-01-14 12:16 PM

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