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    I'm a couple of months into my new Verizon Z30. The first video I took with my Z30 seemed to film fine but when I try to open it up now, it won't play correctly if at all. At first, it would start to play then the image would freeze but the slider would continue for a while indicating it was still playing before I'd get an error saying the file couldn't be played due to an error in format. Of four or five videos I've made, only one will play right; most will not even open now and an error says the file is corrupted. I have one Docs2Go file that will not open anymore either. It was a word processing document that I created on my Z30 and now it says the file format is not supported. I tried to upload a picture I took with my Z30 camera today and though I can see the picture thumbnail, when I try to open it the image momentarily opens before I get a black screen with a broken file icon. What is going on?? Are my files salvagable? Please HELP!
    10-24-14 04:07 PM

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