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    i dont know why but if i save a video from igrann, one of my songs album cover will be the videos thumbnail, and from the web, it will be another song, and from whine, its another songs album art. for the music, if i download a song that has no album art, my z10 running 10.2.1 will automatically give it an album art in respect to where i got it from. for example, xender has its own album art if the song has none, bluetooth has one, the web has one and just like that. but i heard tat bb10 cannot have viruses. and i have deleted the songs where the album arts come from. and i noticed that for the songs, the xender ones have the album art of a song i sent from xender. same for bluetooth and web. but the videos is just a different case. i downloaded a song recently and my whine videos, my safe safe whine videos got the cover flu. and one weird thing is that if i send the songs or videos to someone, the thumbnails show correctly.
    please help!!!
    02-14-15 02:53 PM

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