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    Not sure what I've done to my Blackberry Curve 9320. I can still send and receive texts the problem comes with trying to read them. For instance when I send a text it disappears from the screen. If I return to the page which lists all the texts and click on it again to re read the text it just goes to a completely empty screen. the only way to reread the text sent is to click the menu button and forward it, then the message appears in the bottom box.

    When I receive a text initially it's sitting there with a yellow speech bubble next to it. Once I click to read it I get any empty screen. when I return to the page which lists all the messages the speech bubble is now white and I can only read the message if I use the menu button, choose forward, and there's the message squished into the bottom of the screen again.

    Any Ideas? have had the phone for 14 months and this has just started.
    01-09-15 04:29 AM
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    check your memory nothing will save if u have none
    01-09-15 07:02 AM

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