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    Hi. I've had a Blackberry Z30, current OS, since late April 2014. In the last couple of days I've had notifications about the "Device Storage Almost Full".

    I've done a complete security wipe to try to resolve this issue (as advised on another forum). I've tried a Factory reset (as advised on another forum - a Google search reveals lots of fellow BB owners with an identical issue!). I have NO documents, videos, music, or any other downloaded files saved on my phone, and minimal apps too. The largest app is The Sims FreePlay - 785.4, and total storage listed for apps is 1.84Gb

    Each time, I reinstall fewer and fewer apps, yet over an hour or more, I can actually look at the Device Monitor periodically and watch the Storage being filled up with more and more 'System' files, whatever these may be! If I look at the Device Monitor, Memory, System, it shows that during the night, when I am in 'Bedside Mode' in the last two days it has downloaded 9.5Gb of data. However, this evening, I recorded the following stats, with no corresponding download of data over wi-fi during the same period, so I'm not sure if these two things are actually related!

    The stats were:

    18:28 - Just backed up the phone, not being actively used by me, Wi-fi switched off for test purposes, mobile network still connected
    Storage showed at 18:26: System - 1.77Gb, Apps - 1.83Gb, User - 135Mb, Free - 9.45Gb

    18:31 - Wi-fi turned on, played Sims FreePlay for 30 minutes

    19:04 - Device Monitor checked
    Storage showed at 19:04: System - 3.58Gb

    19:04-19:24 - Switched to Bedside Mode for test purposes
    Storage showed at 19:24: System - 8.63Gb

    19:25-19:30 - Phone not being actively used
    Storage showed at 19:30: System - 9.79Gb

    19:31 - Received notification "Device storage almost full"
    Storage showed: System - 10.12Gb

    Currently at System 10.97Gb, User - 134Mb, Apps - 1.84Gb, Free 255Mb

    This seems to be the maximum amount of space System can take up. Once it reaches this level, it remains static and does not increase any more. If I'm lucky, some of the random things I've been trying manage to actually clear it (or it appears so - may just be coincidence!), until the next time. When it starts piling on the pounds faster than a Weight Watcher at an all you can eat buffet (i.e. ME !)

    I've owned SimsFreePlay for several months and my children, as well as myself, have been using it regularly. This week is the first time I've seen this issue, so I'm not sure if the game can be blamed!

    Sometimes, I can do a restart by holding the power button and it clears out the excess System data, but not always (more often doesn't help than does). Once, I managed to clear out the excess by 'Resetting Sync Relationships' in BBLink (although that could just have been coincidental as it hasn't worked any time since!). I've tried 'rebooting' through holding down the higher and lower volume buttons simultaneously, as someone advised someone else on another forum when I Googled the issue.

    I've tried browsing the folders and files via the USB connection to the PC to clear out any other rogue data that may be filling it up. I have no Android apps side-loaded since the first security wipe. Once, I actually did nothing (was just poised, about to do another reluctant wipe and restore of the OS, so was glad I saved myself the bother!) and it cleared itself out spontaneously!

    Would dearly LOVE it if someone with more nous than myself can point me in a direction I haven't yet tried please The phone, once it reaches it's maximum bloat, becomes completely unusable - hub can't download even a single email or text. Many of the apps can't even start and sometimes even Device Monitor is unable to load too so I can see what's going on!! I'm well and truly stuck for ideas now, so thank you for any suggestions you may have that might help!
    11-27-14 03:25 PM
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    OMG! Same is happening with my Q10 since last night. It's weird.

    Posted via CB10
    11-27-14 10:14 PM
  3. dusdal's Avatar
    A friend is reporting this now too. Any resolutions discovered?

    Posted via CB10
    12-22-14 05:34 PM

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