1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Ever since downloading the newest OS update several weeks ago on my BB Q10, I have been without my BB. It completely crashed and despite all attempts to do a hard re-boot AND a factory reset, nothing has revived it. My wireless provider is not helping because it's a few months over the year warranty, and it's a software problem, so not THEIR problem. I have not been able to get any help from BB/RIM and my laptop does not even link to my BB anymore using the BB Link desktop app. I finally had to resign to the fact that my Q10 is dead and I had to pay an early upgrade fee to get a new phone altogether. Going to try the Classic and hope that the OS bugs have gotten fixed!

    I see that many others have had problems with the new OS on the Q10, but not to the extent I have had.
    04-24-15 10:08 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    have you tried cabling your Q to your PC and loading a new OS on it? There are a lot of OSes to choose from. Never ever do an OTA or pushed update. They are sure to wreck your phone. Always install the update yourself.

    Did you look at any of the threads on the OS updates and on how to reload an OS? Did you ask for help from anyone here? Im sure there are ways to revive the phone unless it is a hardware issue.
    04-24-15 10:26 AM

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