1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Few months ago somehow my 3G network stop working, I had also reset my Q10 and reloaded it to but nothing happen. I had also contact my network company but still nothing happen.
    01-22-15 11:06 AM
  2. raino's Avatar
    Do you have a stable 3G signal? It would also help to know which carrier you use, which model of the Q10 you have.
    01-22-15 12:03 PM
  3. roshancr's Avatar
    I am using Airtel carrier and my Q10 model is SQN100-3.
    01-23-15 03:45 AM
  4. raino's Avatar
    OK. It should work on Airtel's 3G network just fine.

    Do you know if Airtel has a good, stable 3G network around where you are? What signal are other Airtel customers nearby getting?
    01-23-15 10:29 AM
  5. roshancr's Avatar
    Ya bro it has a very good quality, it is best over here, my whole family is using Airtel and in everyone phone 3g is working except mine. I went to many stores but they don't knw how to fix this problem.
    Then searching many stores I found a guy in a repairing centre , he said that only he can fix this but he was charging to much just for installing a software, so I said let's make a deal that i'll pay you your desire amount but you have to tell me the software but refuse and I return without getting my prob fix.
    01-23-15 11:44 AM
  6. raino's Avatar
    It sounds like he may be suggesting an OS update.

    What OS is your phone running? If you don't know, type myver in a text field, such as a BBM message or SMS.
    01-23-15 12:06 PM
  7. roshancr's Avatar
    01-25-15 10:41 PM
  8. raino's Avatar
    That's a pretty recent release. Make sure your phone is actually on the Airtel 3G network, and you have the correct APN settings.

    Go to Settings>Network and Connections>Mobile Network, and under Network Mode, you should see 3G & 2G selected, or some option that says 3G. If not, then pick one of the 3G options from the drop down.

    To check the APN, tap on the cog and make sure they match Airtel's 3G APN settings. You can get them here (click me) or have Airtel send them to you by following the instructions here (click me.)
    01-26-15 08:50 PM
  9. roshancr's Avatar
    Nothing happen bro
    02-03-15 12:30 PM

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