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    PIM services are uploading data without stoppingWhy is my passport is drinking my data?-689873783155511300_689873783524560896_g2fmy3da.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	413748Why is my passport is drinking my data?-689874970453938179_689874970470694912_n5rxvalu.jpgWhy is my passport is drinking my data?-img_20160225_230114.jpgWhy is my passport is drinking my data?-img_20160226_202417.jpgWhy is my passport is drinking my data?-img_20161208_173032.jpgWhy is my passport is drinking my data?-img_20161208_173039.jpgWhy is my passport is drinking my data?-img_20161208_173043.jpg
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    At a guess? It could be an issue with an email app or an Android app repeatedly trying to contact it's server. If I recall correctly, some of the earlier OS10 builds had a problem with memory leakage as well (BBM?). It's been a while since I had that problem.

    If it were mine I'd start by removing or disabling one at a time your email app(s).

    What OS version do you use? When did the problem start occurring? Have you tried refreshing the hub? ( diagonally swiping 4 times from top right corner.) You could also try turning of background data when minimized for each app to use as a diagnostic tool.

    Search term to use... high PIM usage.
    12-08-16 03:08 PM

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