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    Hello everyone, this is my first post so I hope I give you enough information to assist... I've Googled the problem within an inch of its life but can't find anything that seems to help.

    I bought my Blackberry Playbook a couple of years ago now and added a number of email accounts (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail) in the 'Accounts/Add New Account' section.

    I don't have any 'forward' rules set up, the email accounts just automatically sync - i.e. anything I do on my internet account such as moving emails from Inbox to sub-folders or sending/deleting emails, is just mirrored on my Playbook view (and vice versa).

    Until yesterday... when I noticed, using my Playbook, that I couldn't see emails in some of my sub-folders on my @hotmail.co.uk account. The inbox appeared to be syncing fine. I checked and 'Sync Email' was on. I extended the 'Messages Sync Timeframe' from 7 days (my norm) to 30 days but still nothing showed in my sub-folders. I had a look via the internet account route (live.com) and all my emails were visible exactly as they should be. I checked my @hotmail.com account on my Playbook and everything was fine - all the sub-folders were populated correctly.

    I then thought that it must be some minor corruption with the syncing of my @hotmail.co.uk account and the Blackberry Playbook, so I deleted this account from 'Accounts', shut down my Playbook, restarted it, and then added the @hotmail.co.uk via 'Accounts/Add New Account'. This partially helped as some of the sub-folders were now populated but not others. I waited for several hours to see if the others would gradually populate but they remained empty.

    When I moved some 'test' emails from the Inbox to the sub-folders, they appeared but as soon as I flicked the page down to refresh it, they disappeared. All the emails appear fine if I log-on via the internet page route. I deleted the @hotmail.co.uk account again, turned my Playbook off and on again and left it overnight to consider its actions!

    This morning, I was just about to add @hotmail.co.uk again when I noticed that now my @hotmail.com account is no longer syncing properly on my Playbook. When I moved an email from Inbox to a sub-folder, it stayed visible in my Inbox (which it doesn't normally do). I had a look in the sub-folder on the Playbook and the email was there, so I deleted it from my Inbox and this also deleted it from the sub-folder. All my 'historical' filed emails are still showing in the sub-folders within the @hotmail.com account though.

    My emails on the Playbook were working beautifully up to yesterday (Wed 4th Feb)... what has happened?? I checked Outlook.com Service Status website but this doesn't show any problems.

    The server address on my Playbook for @hotmail.com is dub408-m.hotmail.com and the server address for @hotmail.co.uk (yesterday. I haven't reinstalled it yet today) was dub402-m.hotmail. The domain field is blank on both and the port is 443.

    I hope someone can help me (please don't be ultra technical as I'm not, so will need step by step instructions. Sorry!). Thank you
    02-05-15 04:18 AM

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