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    I had recently closed a conversation accidentally and when I tried to recreate the conversation, it opens the conversation, however once you swipe to see the hub, it doesn't appear within it, unless you use the search function.
    10-12-16 11:18 PM
  2. pdss's Avatar
    If I understand that the incomplete message/mail does not appear if accidentally tripped on it to close it, BUT if you re-create it, the same conversation re-appears. Is that correct? If that is the question, then all I noticed it was, that the page remains hidden and you must actually be able to see the draft mode (unsent conversation), in the hub in a light green/ light blue colour. If it does not, then I am not sure wha must be done to be able to see it. An expert from BB10 needs to help us.

    I also noticed that on BB10, if a conversation was once read, it usually does not get visible on the HUB. Or may be, that in the search, it shows up, but not in the scroll. One of the observations I made was that since conversations from one person get into a single thread (it becomes a long thread under one entry in HUB and what is visible in the HUB is only the most recent conversation), which at times becomes a challenge if one wants to refer to an old conversation urgently. I found variety of updates coming from any agency if not read immediately, they go into a thread under the contacts string. If I had not read or not opened but having had seen it cross my eyes on the HUB, it normally would not be found on HUB as the next conversation comes up and the previous ones hide fall in a string within the conversation. Is there a way to be able get all conversations at a glance on the HUB without having to open it and scroll the previous msgs? It may not be a very efficient method to do what I am asking, but just to know if there was a command to control this appearance on the HUB or under type of conversation?

    Still learning after all these years. BB is amazing!
    10-13-16 05:19 AM
  3. Endh01's Avatar
    I seemed to have accidently left out some information, my bad.

    For clarification, I do not get notified for messages received from this particular contact, the conversation does not appear inside the hub. When using the search function, I can see the whole conversation, send and receive messages (with no notifications). However, after a message has been sent, and you swipe to view the hub, the conversation is not viewable in the hub or messages tab, opposed to the conversation appearing at the top of the hub/text tab.

    To answer your questions, "BUT if you re-create it, the same conversation re-appears." yes, and the conversation is only viewable in the hub/text as if I was typing out a message to the contact.
    I also noticed that on BB10, if a conversation was once read, it usually does not get visible on the HUB
    this might just be viewing the "unread" section of the hub, as it is the default "pinch" function for the hub, for myself, messages and notifications are always viewable.
    10-13-16 09:34 AM
  4. pdss's Avatar
    Has it got anything to do with "priority" in the HUB? May be this one contact has been left out from showing up in HUB. I use "priority" for messages from certain contacts which show up on HUB. See if that works. Selecting the conversation or th contact as "priority"
    10-13-16 11:33 AM
  5. guygardner73's Avatar
    I had the same issue but i discovered that my email account (server side) was configured to file messages from that contact automatically. See if you have an email folder for that contact.

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    10-13-16 04:25 PM

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