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    First off, I apologize if there already is a solution posted. Please kindly send me the link.

    I've had my Passport for over a year. I have the latest OS installed, and I have both Facebook and Twitter set to sync and enable notifications.

    For some reason, the notifications for these two accounts only show up on my Hub sporadically and oftentimes not at all. Most of the Facebook notifications I click on tells me "this post could not be loaded." The native Facebook app gives me the same error. If I go to the Browser and check my Facebook, it works there.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook and Twitter apps, and the problem still persists. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing about them. Thanks!‎
    01-02-16 12:56 AM
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    This is because both the native Facebook app and Twitter app were actually developed by BlackBerry and not by Facebook or Twitter, and BlackBerry has not updated these apps in some time and they have fallen out of date. For some reason BlackBerry is no longer interested in supporting these apps, so your options are third party apps.

    For Facebook, you can either use an older Android version, best is version for Facebook and version for Facebook Messenger, or you can use Face10 by Nemory Studios, which is in the beta zone right now, along with Nemory's Messenger for Facebook app, which can be purchased in BlackBerry World.

    For Twitter, there is Twittly by Nemory Studios, and Blaq. Both of which are available on BlackBerry World.

    Rock'n the awesome Z30 STA100-5 on
    01-02-16 09:22 AM

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