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    well, i got a BB Q10 bought no more than three months ago. Here it goes some informations regarding him: Model: BB Q10, Model Number: SQN 100-3 Software release and i dont think the serial number is necessary.
    okay so im totally a freak about organizing my contacts. so i like to put the name, last name, emails and fulfill the whole list available. but everytime i organize the whole list, after i reboot, it goes to this other state where the Last name goes to the first name and sometimes it erase a few letters. For example, my friend is called Pauline Reinhardt. I, obviously, put pauline as a name and reinhardt as a last name. after i reboot it, the name of the contact goes to Pauline reinha. And this happens to some contacts with longe last name and i want to know whats going on! i denied access to any app which were using the contacts so nothing has acess to review and change my contats. could i have some help please?
    10-25-14 10:44 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Are you syncing facebook, twitter and other email contacts to your phone? The address book will try to combine them which might cause it to appear like you describe
    10-25-14 10:48 AM

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