1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi all, I just noticed that my contacts are assigned to wrong letter in my contacts app on my z10, for example contacts starting with M are assigned to K, contacts starting with E are assigned to D and so on, does anyone else have this issue or knows how to cure it? Is there a way how to reset contacts up?
    Thanks a lot in advance for all your help.
    12-26-14 03:23 AM
  2. misterabrasive's Avatar
    For OS10, Try going to your contacts app settings. When in the app, swipe down from the top and see if you have the name display set to first,last or last, first. Is that how your contacts show up or is it a random letter that they show up as. Also if you didn't include it or if I missed it, which device and OS are you using?
    Why are my contacts assigned to the wrong letter on Z10?-img_20141226_090818.png

    Posted with my Z10 on Verizon
    12-26-14 08:14 AM

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